Sideline Culture Change

This research project sets out to raise awareness of negative sideline behaviours at rugby games within New Zealand. The purpose of this is to make people notice that there actually is a major problem and that people's livelihoods are being affected from it. Players are quitting the game at younger ages and there is a significant shortage of match officials due to negative experiences on and off the field.

The tone of this project however is a relaxed relatable way of showcasing things going on. A significant style and feel this project is based on are Kiwi drink driving ads as these tend to showcase a very serious problem in a fun and memorable way.  The research involved which informs the project is primarily influenced, by visiting the fields of Wellington every Saturday for 12 weeks in a row. During this time different levels of rugby games were visited, from Club Premiership Rugby to under 12’s, there was a noticeable problem at all levels, negative behaviour. The end product is based on the initial experimentations of video creation and campaign design.


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